Welcome to the blog for Integrix Ltd, a training and consultancy company specialising in helping small businesses and individuals. The name Integrix is made up, but we wanted to bring the word Integrity to people’s minds when they heard the name of our company. Integrity is at the heart of everything we do.

We also believe in keeping things simple, so that we and our clients do not get distracted by shiny new objects and complicated theories. If we come across an idea that is complicated, but useful, we work on identifying the key parts of it and presenting its essence to our audience.

Keeping things simple is the basis of our range of training courses and coaching and consultancy packages. For example, we offer training in Excel from the ground up, in sessions lasting no more than two hours at a time and exercises to complete between classes to make sure the learning sticks. Learners do a simple test when enrolling to identify the appropriate level of class they need.

Business courses work in the same way, right from deciding whether to work for yourself and the different ways to do so, to working on strategic planning for your established company.

If you prefer coaching to class learning, we offer one-to-one as well as one-to-many options. One-to-one coaching can be too intensive for some people, and one-to-many coaching takes off the pressure but also is more informal and less expensive. Whichever option you choose, you will be joining a programme in which you will be held accountable for what you agree to do, and for some this is just the kick-start they need to get things done.

There are also two options for consultancy – one in which we study your business and identify core issues for improvement for you, and one in which we not only do that but also do the work needed to sort out the problems. Again there is a difference in cost, but as some people can never find the time away from the day job to sort out what needs to be done, it can be cheaper in the long run to pay for us to do it for you.

We also have different ways to pay for our services. For example, we need you to pay for classes in advance, but you can choose whether to pay for a month at a time, a course at a time, or a suite of courses, with corresponding adjustments to the cost per class. If you miss a class, you can still access the online notes and exercises.

Coaching is normally carried out remotely, but there is an option on the one-to-many coaching, with those who prefer to work in a room with other people to get together as an accountability group.

For consultancy we visit you on your premises initially, then set up visits on a schedule to suit you and the kind of work we are carrying out for you.

We want to simplify what we do, to develop stronger relationships with and between our clients. We shall be using methods that are particularly relevant and useful to small businesses and interested individuals, along with how to be successful using them.

We welcome your input! You can email us your Comments at any time and we shall respond as soon as we can.

Thank you for reading and visiting, and we hope you will visit us again!

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